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Workshop Recap


Well, here we are.  Another weekend to enjoy.  Seems like a weird week after having Monday and Tuesday off for the Dave Brosha workshop!  I, for one, could get used to a 3-day work week.  But I digress.  What a great couple of days for everyone involved.  I hope all of the Club members who participated found the workshop beneficial in one way or another.  Dave certainly has a great deal to offer and is more than willing to share his time and expertise.  There is so much I would like to say about the workshop itself – I hope I don’t get too verbose.

First off, thank-you Michelle for getting the ball rolling and making the whole thing happen by approaching Dave and working with him over the last two years.  And, for working (with many Club member’s help) hard to put together the logistics (locations, models, food etc) for a great couple of days.  Secondly, kudos to the Club for supporting the venture and the membership for participating.  Special thanks go out to Marsh Hoke, Barb Prescott and Jean & Doug Ahlf for allowing us to use their properties as locations for both the landscape and portrait segments of the fieldwork.

I think one of the things that made our day on Tuesday were our models.  Absolutely fantastic all around.  Frieda Maynard, Nicole Trainor, Ella Davi-Digui, Marsh and Barb, and Brian Ficht were amazing.  Willing (even eager), patient,  and creative are only a few of the words to describe their efforts.  Even Dave was amazed by their work – I think he might have fallen in love with Frieda.  We were even treated to a couple of musical interludes courtesy of Brian and Frieda.

I’m sure everyone created some amazing images out of the workshop.  It is now time to share.  With the Club and also our hosts and models.  I would like to suggest that all participants bring their favourite images to Monday’s meeting to share with the Club and also on a memory stick so we can set up a gallery to share with each other, the models and Dave.  If you can size your images to 1500 pixels on the long edge, it allows people to make small prints for their own use and makes for a good online presence.  We can discuss the logistics of the sharing on Monday.

If the out-of-town members (Brian and Shawn) could maybe email me their images I will make sure they are at the meeting to share.

Thanks All and see you Monday (don’t forget the final monthly challenge of the year – multiple exposures I think)

The Master at Work

The Master at Work

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