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Winter Night Photoshoot


BarnWell, it looks like our Winter Night Photo shoot will go ahead !!

Lori has found us a Great looking location !

The barn is on a property close to the McLeod River a few minutes from town off the Bear Lake road.  She knows the people who rent/own there and has permission to be there for photography.  Looks like we could have a bonfire if we liked to make a social event too, although that may give us some unwanted light pollution if we want to shoot Aurora or light paint the barn. Let me know your thoughts BEFORE Saturday so that we can decide on taking firewood,food, beverages,etc. if a Bonfire is agreed upon.
We should all meet at 8pm at the Holy Redeemer School to discuss gear, camera settings,etc.  Plan it being a late night if you hope to catch Aurora (usually after 10pm).
Here are a few items that I suggest you bring with you:
  1. Camera with fresh batteries(duh !)
  2. Tripod
  3. Widest lens you have (anything less that 50mm will be OK)
  4. Remote trigger (if you have one, other wise use in-camera timer)
  5. Flashlight / headlamp (for light painting)
  6. Warm clothes (Gloves,toque,snow boots,etc)
  We  also have access to the Holy Redeemer gymnasium from 4pm to 10pm if we need an alternative to outside shooting if weather doesn’t co-operate. If that is the case we should consider taking any studio lights, flash, portable backdrops and props that you may have.  I will have my 2 studio lights and umbrella/softbox in my vehicle just in case.
So that we can communicate easier over the next day or so, please reply with your intentions for attending this event by way of phone text.
My cell is 780-728-7094.  (Feel free to post your cell numbers on a reply to this post as well; for other members to see)
See you all on Saturday night at 8pm !!

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  1. Danielle Unger says:

    Well, seeing as I am your route into Holy Redeemer, and, since I am stoked to learn a thing or two about night photography, I am super in!

  2. Lori Stang says:

    The area around the barn has been undisturbed all winter. I would suggest footwear/snow pants suitable for deep snow. Gloria is super excited to have us there.
    I would be ok with some type of a fire…..It is a ways from the barn, it may even be hidden by the house.

  3. Lana Kirtley says:

    Super! Thanks Lock
    Wyatt and I will be there! A small fire might be nice if it is a distance behind us.

  4. Lana Kirtley says:

    Oh and we might bring one smoke bomb to play with effects

  5. Shawn Montreuil says:

    I’ll be there!

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