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Walking The Rails


Our first Outing of the season is Sunday September 24th departing from the West End Tim Hortons parking lot and venturing down into the Coal Branch to walk a section of the abandoned train tracks and trestles to Mountain Park.  We will be leaving at 6:00am, as sunrise is at 7:23am. Prepare for cool, damp, and rugged conditions.  Sturdy foot wear is recommended, as the tracks have been reclaimed by Mother Nature in a few places.

  1. Julian Buchwald says:

    I’ll be there. If anyone wants to carpool leave a reply and let me know.

  2. Shawn Montreuil says:

    Some coworkers went down there today and from the pictures I’ve seen, there’s a lot of snow on the ground. I don’t know if this alters plans or not but thought I’d let it be known.

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