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Update on Tonight’s Winter Night Photo Outing

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A few last minute items regarding tonight’s EPC outing…

Meeting at Holy Redeemer Gymnasium at 8pm.  Will be going over camera settings a gear so you don’t have to fumble around in the cold so much.  I have a couple of extra tripods if anyone needs to borrow one.  This is an absolute necessity for successful night photography!  Let me know if you need to borrow one.

We need a couple of people to bring along some firewood.  There is a fire pit at the property and might be nice to have a little bit of a social and warm-up area.

I will bring along some hot chocolate and anti-freeze for refreshment.  Some snacks might be an idea if anyone wants to bring some along.

Warm clothes, boots, hats, snow pants and extra batteries won’t go astray.  See Lock’s post for a longer list of things to bring along.

Light painting will likely be on the menu also so if you have anything you think will contribute to this activity bring along also.

The weather forecast is for clearing skies for most of the evening – let’s see how accurate Environment Canada is and have a great photoshoot.

  1. Lana Kirtley says:

    Thank you! Wyatt and I will see you at 8. Will find a few munchies, chips and energy bites!

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