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Thursday Portrait Session


This is a reminder to all members that we will be meeting at the Red Brick on Thursday (May 18th) at 7pm to do portraits and a group photo.  These images will be used in the phonebook and possibly other Club presentations.  Hope to see everyone there.

  1. Shawn Montreuil says:

    I was under the impression the photos taken this night were going to be for the photo book. So is this an all member thing or photo book contributors only?

  2. Julian Buchwald says:

    It was originally proposed as a photo book contributor thing I guess but I think it would be a good opportunity to get as many Club members out as possible. Great chance to do a group photo as well as individual images that could be used for a variety of other purposes. Hope to see as many members as possible there.

  3. Julian Buchwald says:

    On another note, it would be great to do the group photo first – meaning everyone should try to be at the Red Brick as close to 7pm as possible (maybe even a little earlier! That way, once individual shots are taken, folks can wander off if they have other pressing engagements.

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