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Robb Visited

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The monthly outing has come and gone. Thanks Shaun for taking Lana and  myself out to Robb, I know I had a great day. I thought I would share a photo and remind everyone that the walks/outings  are for everyone. If you wish to head somewhere know a great spot, think we should head anywhere just let me know and we can set some thing up. Lana and Shaun I am looking forward to see a picture from Sunday


  1. Shaun Conarroe says:

    Thanks for sharing one of your images from our trip to the town of Robb. It is always interesting to see how others view the same location visited at the same time through their photographs.

    I will bring one or two of my images from the trip to share at the November 4th meeting. It was a fabulous day of discovery. I can definitely see another trip to the Robb area in the future for another outing, as we had to head for home with other locations left on the table to explore.

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