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Ricky Tims Online Photo Class



All right, Edson Photo Club members, here’s the official spiel:

2017 Photo Challenge Part 1

Ricky Tims leads Part 1 (26 weeks) of an in-depth, three-part, 52-week digital photography class focusing on camera techniques, Lightroom, Photoshop, and composition. This is group participation class. It is not a self-guided, self-contained class. Lessons/challenges are posted each week. It is perfect for anyone interested in being a better artist by using photography as a medium for creative exploration and artistic discovery. Hobbyists and travelers will benefit too. You will learn to look at your world with an artistic eye. Proper camera gear and software is required.

For more information, visit

…but who, you may ask, is Ricky Tims?

A few years ago, Julian and I attended a Freeman Patterson workshop in St. Martins, New Brunswick, where we first met fellow photographer Ricky. The workshop proved to be a terrific week, and everyone involved very quickly forged friendly and tight bonds.

photo_class_promo_pic1Photo sessions were collaborative efforts; Freeman lectures were our sermons. Meals and beverages became marathon sessions replete with discussion that always ended all too soon.

On top of all of that was a newly found friendship with Ricky Tims.

Ricky is probably one of the most creative, artistic, and energetic people I’ve ever met. Although at the time he was fairly new to the photographic world, he has been quick to master a myriad of different techniques, and has an attitude and vision that inspires.

I greatly enjoy the photos he shares and the conversations we have. I would very much look forward to his insight and guidance with future photo projects.

With the time and geography that currently separates, the virtual sessions may be the closest thing to shooting once again shoulder-to-shoulder with this particular artist. I’d strongly advise you to have a good hard look at his website, and if you have both the time and ambition, please signup and enjoy a year-long photographic adventure.

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