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REMINDER : Bio’s and Photo card info : DUE FRIDAY NOVEMBER 17, 2017


I have Bio’s for the following:
Shaun C, Lock, Sherry, Lana, Jean, Lori, Michelle, Danielle, Shawn M, Susan, Julian, Mike, Kieth, Lauren


Our exhibit is coming up so wanted to remind everyone to submit their bio’s and photo info to me as I will be taking this on while Julian is away.
Please email them to by November 17.

For our new members here are details on bio’s & photo info

A brief introduction of yourself that can include things like how long you’ve been doing photography, favourite subjects to shoot, what photography means for you and so on. The length of bio is totally up to you, it can be a couple paragraphs or just one. Also please send a photo of yourself that we can use with the bio.

Photo info: we print the info onto cards & they are displayed along side your prints.
Title/Subject of photo
Date (month & year works)
If you want image size & framed size on card I will need that information also.

That’s it for now!

Thanks everyone!

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