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Red Brick Gallery update


Good Afternoon Fellow Photogs,

There have been a few date changes regarding the Spring Gallery Exhibition at the Red Brick that I thought I should pass on to everyone.

Due to some scheduling changes at the Red Brick we now have the Gallery from May 7th to the 31st. Our Opening Gala will be May 10th , Thursday, from 6 -9 pm and will be open to anyone since our evening will be Alcohol free. (Not free Alcohol. Lol) Feel free to invite your friends.

We are still scheduled to hang our images tomorrow morning (May 5) at 11 am so please ensure that you either be on hand to get your images on the wall or ask another member to help you with that since space will be limited.

I have many of your Bios and Image cards ready to print tonite but if there is someone that needs more time to get that info to me you have until 7pm this evening to get that to me. I’d like to get them all done before I hit the hay tonite.

Thanks for your help and participation and I look forward to seeing your images on display tomorrow.



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