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Red Brick Gallery – Fall 2018


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!

Here are a few notes regarding the Red Brick Gallery (Fall 2018).

  • Set up at the Gallery will be Saturday , November 10 at 11am in the Gallery at the Red Brick (Same venue as previous exhibits). As discussed in our last meeting we will have about 6′ of Wall Space for each member to display your photos.
  • Gallery Dates for our exhibition is from November 12 to December 10.
  • I will be printing Bios and Image Name cards for those that need them so please let me know soon.
  • I will get a firm date on our Open House (Wine / Cheese Night?) as discussed in our meeting (I will keep you posted)

Please let me know if anyone has any questions or concerns about this event. It is best to email me at

I’m looking forward to seeing another fantastic display of your images in the Gallery Exhibit !

Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving Meals with your Friends and Family.


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