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Ramblings and Reminders


Just enjoying a coffee at The Second Cup in Edmonton waiting for McBain Camera to open for their 66th Birthday Sale and Tradeshow thinking about all of the things I didn’t get finished this week!  Don’t get the wrong idea – I’m not that pathetic that I made the trip for McBain – had to be in the city for other things – but might just as well go and see what’s going on there.  Back to the Club…

I made the decision to take down our Red Brick display on Monday rather than Sunday so we would have one more night of good exposure with the last Chautauqua Show.  I know that many of you work and will not be able to get there but I will take care of your images.  I will be there at 9am (opening time) to start the proceedings.  Anyone who can make it should come along and get their images then, if you can get to there sometime before closing time at 4pm I will leave your images in the office, and if you can’t get there at all I will take them and you can either pick up from my house or at the meeting on Monday.  I hope this is acceptable to all members.  But please let me know your intentions.  Thanks

I am still looking for banner images to post on the website opening page.

We had a good outing to the museum last week – thank you Shari.  Lots to look at and I things lots of people had their photo mojo going.  Definitely a place we can go back to again.  Shari is still looking for images for the Visitor’s Guide and she would definitely like to see some of the work from last weekend.  I think we can put together a collage for the museum.  Right after Gloria’s is done!  If you haven’t sent me your best image from the night shoot please do so ASAP.

Our next meeting is a week from tomorrow and the current contest “Half Empty” closes on Friday night.  And that’s all I can remember – have a good weekend all.

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