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Nikon users


Hey there. I am a new Nikon user. In fact I have the entry level D3200. Now I know that is way below the level of some of your cameras, but they all work alike.

Was wondering if another Nikon user may have a couple of  hours to spend with me and explaining how to use this. Point and shoot and guide are easy, but I want to get deeper into the camera.

I am retired, so have lot’s of time, my weekends could be taken with my balloons, and stuff. We could just go out to the park or other scenic place with a cup of Timmies in hand, and walk me through.

I would appreciate it. Thanks





  1. Lockyer Mercer says:

    I can help you out for sure. I will give you a call and we can decide on where/when to do some instruction.

    • Thank you. At your leisure. Most weekdays are good. I’m at Trade show next weekend and then on the Tuesday and Wed following have to drive to Revelstoke and back on one of them. Then good until 25th…back in the city.

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