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Nice Work Everyone!


This title is a double entendre (for the english teacher in the group) – by the way I still think Bill was just a poor schlepp of a playwright trying to make ends meet and we over analyze his work to death – but I digress.

The first entendre is we had a great turnout last night to ‘hang’ our 2nd Annual Spring Print Exhibition at the Red Brick.  Kudos to everyone there (and the rest who sent work along also) – speaks to our social lives when we can hang out at the art gallery on a Friday night (pun).

The second entendre is that I think the body of work presented by the group is fantastic.  There is great diversity is subject material, different expressions of creativity in the work and various types of presentation.  One of the things I am most impressed with is the quality and pride in the work our group is showing.  I hope everyone is having some fun putting work together for these exhibitions.  It pushes us to grow and develop as artists and can be very gratifying on many levels.  I am sure as the Edson community sees the display, everyone will get some good positive feedback and I am looking forward to Thursday’s reception.

I enjoyed the process last night of watching the display come together.  Especially the interactions of people helping each other with the ‘design’ elements of hanging the work.  Then wandering around and looking at other people’s work and having conversations about photography.  Cool stuff and really the reason there is a club in the first place.

I will try to have the missing prints descriptions done today but probably won’t put them up until Monday when I go to find the easels for Lori’s canvases.

There is some room on the table and piano for some smaller pieces if there is interest out there.  Might be able to accommodate a couple more easels on the window side also.

Please email me with any other comments, concerns or questions.


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