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New Club Year


Hello Fellow Shutterbugs,

As the lazy days of summer begin to shorten and meld toward the autumn our thoughts turn back toward the goings on of the Edson Photography Club.  Well, maybe.  I hope everyone has been having a good summer and I don’t want to bring anyone down by thinking it’s soon to be over.  It’s just a change of seasons and one shouldn’t see it as a negative at all.  September will, however, mark the beginning of a new year in the annals of the Edson Photography Club.  Lots of information to get out there in the next short spell so watch for posts over the next while.  The first order of business is to remind everyone that our first meeting of the year will be on Monday, September 14th upstairs in the Century 21 building – many thanks again to Karen and Sharon for the awesome meeting venue.  It seems late in the month because the first Monday is Labour Day.  We would like to move the start time 1/2 hour earlier (meeting starts at 7pm) so that we don’t run as late as we did on occasion last year.  I think it would be good to open the room up at 6:30pm so that there can be a little friendly socializing before the meeting begins.  As always, new members are welcome and encouraged to join in the meetings – it’s all about photography and sharing our knowledge, interest and experiences.

The next thing for this post is to introduce the ‘new’ Club Executive:

President – Julian Buchwald

Vice-President – Shaun Conarroe

Treasurer – Sherry Holmedal

Secretary – Danielle Unger

Outings – Mike Dykstra and Kieth Biernacki

Here’s hoping we have a great year with many photographic experiences.



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