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Monthly Photo Challenge Online Now


After hours of tireless work I think we are ready to go online with the Club’s monthly challenge.  This replaces the monthly contest and the intent is well described on the Challenge page.  Here are a couple of things you need to getting going and participate.  First, you will need to login as a club member before you access the Challenge page.  Once, logged in, use the pulldown menu at the top of the home page called Members Area and click on Monthly Photo Challenge 2017.  There is a description of the process here and a table with dates for submission as well as a list of the Challenge themes.  You submit your image by clicking on the desired theme button and away you go.  Images submitted by the posted deadline will be presented at the next meeting for review by the membership.  We will, however, not close submissions to the gallery.  This will allow members to continue to submit if they make images that fit the theme and want to share them.

One of the important features of this gallery setup is the ability to add comments to the images.  The hope is to encourage some dialogue regarding the images presented.  We would hope the initial comment added by the photographer during upload will include some technical details about the image and any notes he or she would like to share about the image or the making thereof.  Club members are then encouraged to make comments or ask questions about the image.  There are now no ‘experience’ categories here so everyone’s work will be in the same gallery.  The more submissions we get the better the galleries will look.

Embrace the challenge and get shooting if you haven’t got your images ready yet.

November and December images are due this weekend in time for Monday’s meeting!


PS. All of the tireless work on this project was done by Giles.  Thank you kind sir.

  1. Shawn Montreuil says:

    Thanks Giles
    FYI, we have club meetings on the first Monday of every month st the Century 21 building. You should come by sometime!

  2. Shaun Conarroe says:

    Thank you Giles!

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