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Lunar Eclipse


Hello fellow shutterbugs…

Just rolled back into town after a prolonged absence and thought I should do a quick post about this lunar eclipse thing tonight.  As all of you are I’m sure aware there is supposed to be a full lunar eclipse tonight at the same time as a full moon and a ‘super’ moon.  Next one 2033 or some such thing.  Here are a few facts and thoughts.  The moon will rise directly (almost) in the east at 7:29pm and the sun sets at 7:32pm.  Lunar eclipse starts at 7:07pm and reaches totality at 8:11pm.  Might make for some good photography if the weather cooperates.  I would suggest higher ground with something interesting in the foreground and/or close to the horizon to give the images a sense of place.  One probably should be set up well before things are set to start with some notion of what images one wants to take.  If anyone is interested in getting together to do some image making as a group text or call me on my cell and maybe we can coordinate (780)723-9113.  If you just want to go out and howl at the moon by yourself that’s OK too.  Have fun if you do go out. J.

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