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January Outing


Hey all-

At the meeting we discussed the January outing. Shawn M had a good idea to go out to Abraham Lake (if you look it up it’s pretty cool, they have methane bubbles that freeze and make for some awesome photos). Who would be interested in going? It’s ~2.5 hours away. If you are interested, would you be interested in spending the night or just driving back that day? Would be January 21/22. Please reply as soon as you can, if we need to book rooms would be good to do it sooner than later.



  1. Shaun Conarroe says:

    I am interested. Staying the night would allow for some scouting, and more time behind the camera. Either way I am in.

  2. Lana Kirtley says:

    I am very interested day trip would be loooonnnggg trying to make some morning light and evening light. I’m game for a sleep over someplace.


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