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Hospital Portrait Session Countdown – 3 Days


Happy Easter to one and all.  Gotta love the snow and springtime in Alberta.  This is an update for Monday’s Portrait Sessions and the hospital for everyone.  I hope to add a couple of posts tomorrow and Sunday to keep providing information for everyone.  Why such a big deal about this outing?  Simply because it is about more than us as individuals.  We are involving a good number of other folks in this project and I think it is important that things go well.  So, for today’s information…

We will be meeting in the Community Room at the hospital between 9:30 and 9:45 on Monday morning to organize ourselves to begin photographing at 10:30.  This room will be directly ahead of you if you enter the hospital through the Continuing Care entrance.  Drive east past the main parking lot and the drive will curve down to the right and you will find a smaller parking lot and entrance.  The entrance doors under the covered driveway will deliver you directly to Continuing Care and there will be a large room directly in front of you – that’s where we’ll meet.

The Continuing Care facility is divided into four ‘Homes’ – Aspen, Birch, Pine and Tamarack.  We will be dividing into pairs or teams of three and go to each of these Homes to do the portraits.  Residents have been asked to sign up for the sessions so we have an idea how many people we are dealing with – but we won’t know until we arrive.  We have allotted 20 minutes per resident.  Each Home has a common area that will lend itself nicely to our task and there should be good natural light for making portraits.  We will not be taking large, heavy or cumbersome gear (backdrops or lights) with us.  The residents will likely not have much patience for photographers fiddling with gear and may be too easily distracted by the unfamiliar.  

We should be concentrating on engaging with the residents and trying to capture images that reflect their character or our perceptions of them.  It might be challenging engaging some of the residents but that is part of the fun of this outing.  It would be advantageous to have a medium focal length lens (85mmish) to get in close with the images without getting in close.  Encroaching on residents personal space may cause some distress.  A fill flash might be useful but I am going to suggest that flashed not be used.  Reflectors might be OK if you are comfortable with them,  I will hopefully follow up with some more tips and such over the next day or two.  Make sure your batteries are charged and your memory cards are empty.

I encourage everyone to add suggestions and/or ask questions by commenting on this post.  The more dialogue we have, I think the more comfortable everyone will be.

Here is a list of confirmed participants…

Julian, Lori, Lana (and Wyatt as a helper), Michelle, Alexa, Susan, Kieth, Shaun C..  I lost my original list and am not sure about Rachelle, Shawn M., and Sherry.  If I missed anyone or your status has changed please let me know.  I don’t want to be futzing around on Monday morning wondering whether someone is coming or not.

That’s it for now.  Have a great snowy Good Friday.


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