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Hospital Portrait Session Countdown – 2 days



Hard not to feel good about last night’s hockey game but that’s not the content of this post…

This one’s about some of the business aspects of the portrait shoot.

We are doing this project as a way of improving our portrait skills and a community service to residents who might not otherwise have portraits made.  There is no charge to the residents for us to take their photographs.  In addition we will provide each resident with 2 – 5×7 prints at no charge.  The photographer will be responible for selecting the image and processing it ready for printing.  We will then send these to the lab as a group and the Club will pay for printing and distribute the prints to the residents.  These images will not be watermarked or logo’d but will have a label on the back indicating the photographer, copyright information and that the print was supplied courtesy of the Club.  Additional prints and digital copies of images will be made available at a nominal charge – $10 for either an 8″x10″ sheet or digital file.

Some discussion has been had as to whether these funds go to the photographer or the Club.  My initial reaction was to say the photographer but I now think the Club might be more appropriate.  The Club has been responsible for setting the whole thing up as well as expenses related to printing and such.  The photographers also do not have much of a say in who they photograph.  Some residents might want extra prints others not – like tips for servers at restaurants.  You could bust your butt for a cheapskate and get nothing or doing a crappy job for a drunk hockey player who throws cash around like its going out of style and hit the bonanza.  I digress a little but I hope you get the point.  If it turns out to be a lucrative process, maybe we should consider pooling the proceeds and applying them to the participating member’s photobook – just an idea.  Anyway, enough on that.

I have looked at different options for setting up galleries on the web for residents and family to view the images after the shoot.  I think the method of least complexity seems to be to use an existing website capable of secure (password protected) galleries, possibly with the ability to order directly online and self-fulfill the orders.  I can set this up very easily on my zenfolio gallery and it should suit our purposes nicely.  We will need photographers to supply the images they want displayed promptly so that we can get them online in a timely fashion. The deadline for this will be Friday or Saturday so I can get them online by Monday.  We can make the image 1200 – 1500 pixels on the long edge (discreetly watermarked if you like) and have a file name using the format XXXX-YY-ZZZZ-AA where X is the home name, Y is the resident’s initials, Z is your file number and A is your initials.  I would suggest minimal processing for the ‘proof’ images but if you have some particular creative process you want to try (black & white for example) this would be a good place to display.  The image you select for the 5×7’s needs to be fully processed and ready for printing.

Runnig out of gas for now but that should give everyone something to think about until tomorrow.


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