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Hospital Portrait Session Countdown – 1 Day



Hopefully tonight’s game doesn’t go too many overtime periods so we get a good night’s sleep going into tomorrow’s ‘outing’.

This is the last instalment of preparatory notes before meeting tomorrow morning between 9:30am and 9:45am in the Community room at the Continuing Care area of the Edson Hospital.

The first note is on resident confidentiality and the use of the images we make tomorrow.  Each photographer retains all copyright rights to the images they make but is important to bear in mind that tomorrow’s images are being made in the healthcare environment.  This means that we may not use or distribute the images  (especially on social media) without consent from the residents.  We are still not sure what type of consents the hospital will have but the residents deserve respect for their privacy.  Participants should really not even discuss by name residents who they see tomorrow with anyone other than staff and other participants.  Some residents may ascent to sharing images but may not have the legal capacity to do so.  If you are not sure, please ask someone.  If you want to use any images for your own portfolio, be prepared to chase a proper consent before you do so.

While it may seem like common sense, it is very important to treat all residents with courtesy and respect.  Always assume that they hear and understand what you are saying even if they do now acknowledge you.  They may not be able to respond in ways that you expect.  When in doubt please ask a staff member what is acceptable or not on our part.  I have found that humour is very positive in communicating with residents in these facilities.  As I have mentioned before I think it is very important to establish communication and rapport while making images.  Most of all have fun and enjoy the experience.  There really is no pressure on any of us.  Have a good night;s sleep and see you tomorrow.



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