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Happy New Year Shutterbugs


Happy-New-Year-2016---1The image says it all.  Well, not quite all.  It leaves out a few things that are important to our Club for sure…

…this one is a gentle reminder that midnight tonight is the deadline for the current segment of the photo contest so get your entry in on time.  The theme is Back Alley.


The other is a reminder that our first meeting of the year will be on Monday evening (January 4th) at 7pm in the Century 21 Building.  I will be there early so if you have memory sticks with images to share please come early so the preparations don’t cut too heavily into our meeting time.  It is also possible to email your images if you like.  Just trying to streamline the meeting time.

I think that’s all of the important Club business for now.  Hope to see everyone on Monday and we can share our holiday memories.  Remember, there is only one direction you can go on the road of life – forward.  Enjoy the ride!





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