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Gallery Show


We are in the final phases of preparing for Freeman Patterson’s visit in November.  Part of the whole production is putting on a Edson Photography Club gallery exhibit at the Red Brick.  I have arranged for us to ‘hang’ our work on Saturday, November 1st at 2pm.  Let’s put our best foot forward as we always do and put on a good show.  This one will be seen by the ‘man’ himself as well as a number of our peers from around the province.  The images that were seen at the last meeting were a fine example that we’ve got what it takes for sure.  I would like to do up print descriptions and photographer bio’s and such to post alongside our work as it shows a classy level of polish and refinement.  The sooner I get this information the easier it makes my life.  I think 2 – 3 pieces per member would be nice but more can be accommodated if the sizes are smaller.  Less if they are huge.  If anyone needs help with printing etc. please let me know (not on the 31st!).  If you can’t be there on the 1st, please make arrangements with someone who will be.  Not there, it won’t be hung – no exceptions.  The following week will be hectic enough as is.


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