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Flash Outdoors ! – Outing at Centennial Park


Good evening Fellow Photogs,

Just a friendly reminder that we will be meeting for our Flash -Outdoors Outing tomorrow evening at Centennial Park at 7pm (Weather Permitting). As mentioned at the meeting, I  have a model arranged to join us and if anyone can coax another person to model for us, we will be able to split into 2 groups to avoid being too cluttered in one area.

This will be more of an Instructional-Style Outing that will be lead by Julian and myself so you won’t need your lights or camera gear; although you can bring it along to use afterwards if you want to put some of what you learn into practice. The idea is to explain the basics of using your Flash (Speedlights) with ambient light and how modifiers such as softboxes, reflectors, etc can work into your photography outdoors as well as indoors.

Hope to see you all there !





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