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February Photography Outing


Just wanted to say a few thank you’s after last night’s EPC outing.  I’m not entirely sure but I think it was probably the best attended outing to date!

Thank you’s to…

Lockyer for the idea and work putting together and sharing information on night photography.  Also on-site for helping members and keeping things organized.

Lock’s son Steven (?ph) for helping with the visual effects.  He put his life in peril to make some spectacular lighting effects for us to photograph.  Although I think he quite enjoyed playing with the pyrotechnics!

Lori for the fantastic job of finding a venue that fit the bill perfectly.  I think this is a spot that might lend itself nicely to future imaging ventures for sure.

Gloria for graciously allowing us onto the property to make images.  I’m still not sure that she considers us sane after going out in the cold and dark to make photographs!  I think her comment was “What can you possibly be taking pictures of in the dark?”  We’ll have to put an image or two together for her so she understands.

Mother Nature.  Holy crap, who would have thought Environment Canada would nail a forecast for a change!  The clouds cleared off as predicted just when we wanted to go out.  It wasn’t too cold for the project.  It stayed clear long enough to do our thing.  There were even some Northern lights albeit not overly spectacular for us.

I hope everyone had a good time and came away with some images they were happy with.  I know it was the first attempt at night photography for a number of members and it really was a great night for it.  Night photography is very challenging when there is such a large group participating.  Light control becomes more difficult as the number of people on site increases.  The cold weather presents its own challenges also.  I think everyone also found that the snow cover added one more element to contend with.  It is difficult to illuminate anything within the frame without the snow overpowering the results. Shooting with post-processing in mind is very important in these situations.  At our next meeting we will have a couple of people make presentations of their ideas on processing these images.

Here is a sample of one image that I was reasonably happy with from last night…



PS – Remember the next Friday is the deadline for this month’s photo contest – Perfection.  Also, a week from tomorrow is March’s meeting.  And, we only have a couple of weeks left before our Red Brick Exhibition so get your images organized earlier rather than later.  Have a good rest of the weekend.  J.


  1. Danielle Unger says:

    I second the thank-yous. I may not have taken the best photos, but I learned so much and I am excited to take what I learned and go out again! Hats off to everyone who helped pull this one off!

  2. Lockyer Mercer says:

    Thanks to all of the participants ! I think the evening went well given the cold and deep crusty snow conditions. I hope everyone learned something about night shooting and the challenges associated with it. I think we can all appreciate how difficult it is to capture images at night and walk away with at least 1 image that makes it worthwhile.

    Have a great weekend !

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