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December Outing/Christmas


Hey all-

Hasn’t been posted yet so figured I would get the word out there. This Saturday, December 17 at 6 pm we will be meeting in Centennial Park/by Galloway Museum for some shooting. They are some nice Christmas lights and the highway lights are always fun too. At 7:30pm the fun will travel to Lana’s house for the Christmas Party. Bring something to share. Lana- if there’s anything you would like to add please post, I’m not sure of your address. If you are going please post on here or let Lana know. I won’t be attending the shoot/drinks.



  1. Susan Hansen says:

    I will be there for the shoot.

  2. Lana Kirtley says:

    Hi Everyone – tried to build an event about 4 hrs before Michelle posted this. Obviously I failed 🙂 Thanks Michelle!

    For getting this posted –
    Text me at 780-712-3791 if you are joining us – either part. the hope was to meet at 6 and the by 7:30 back to my place for some warm up drinks and food. I’m going to bring hot water and we can try throwing it and catching the freezing – Hopefully.

    I do not have a tree set up but I am going to set up a camera “play station”. We can play around with depth of field aka f stop. So we will be going manual ! 😉

    Please RSVP so we have some idea on #’s . Thank You! cell phone for address is 780-712-3791 .

  3. Lana Kirtley says:

    Pretty crazy when you don’t remember coming home from your own house!!

    Kidding 😉

    Got some terrific images at the park and the Small group at the house made for some mighty great conversation!.

    Scheming for the Abraham Lake / Nordegg outing did ensue .

    Merry Christmas to you all. – may 2017 hold many blessing for you and your loved ones.

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