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December Outing/Christmas Cheer


Greetings all Shutterbugs…

Sorry about the delay making this post but had to check what plans we had already made for the December Outing and Christmas get together.  As it turns out, we hadn’t made any really other than deciding it would be on Sunday, December 13th and we should combine an outing with a festive get together that would include spouses and significant others.  After polling the Executive for guidance I propose the following…

…meet at Wilmore Park in the early afternoon (about 2pm) for some winter photography – might be some tobogganers, river scenes, new snow, low angle light – you get the picture (hopefully).  If Wilmore is not fulfilling our fantasies, we can move on to other places.  I’ll bring some hot chocolate and marshmallows if the spirits move us in that direction.  I will also bring along some light painting stuff as the sun sets about 4:30 or so which might lend nicely to twilight imagery.  After we are done (or before if it is too cold) we can retire to the comfort of OJ’s (or other location mutually agreed upon by the group) where our spouses, concubines and/or boy toys can join us for libation, Christmas cheer and sustenance of your choosing.

Hope to see everyone there as it will be our last get together before the holiday season.

Remember to dress for the weather and protect your camera gear accordingly.


photographer works in the winter

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