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Bios for Red Brick Gallery

Good Evening Everyone, As you all know, our Red Brick Fall Gallery Exhibit is coming up very fast and it’s time for us (by us, I mean me) to get your Bios and Image Cards Printed. Please send me your Bio information (if you want a new one printed or replaced) as well as your Image information for each piece that you are hanging on the wall. Bios should include: Your Photo Short blurb about you and why you love Photography Your Image Card info should include: Image Title Image Size Format / Media (Canvas, Metal Print,etc) Price (if for sale) I will need your info by Saturday, Nov 3. if you want Bios / Image cards when we meet to...

posted on: Oct 30, 2018 | author: Lockyer Mercer

Red Brick Gallery – Fall 2018

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !! Here are a few notes regarding the Red Brick Gallery (Fall 2018). Set up at the Gallery will be Saturday , November 10 at 11am in the Gallery at the Red Brick (Same venue as previous exhibits). As discussed in our last meeting we will have about 6′ of Wall Space for each member to display your photos. Gallery Dates for our exhibition is from November 12 to December 10. I will be printing Bios and Image Name cards for those that need them so please let me know soon. I will get a firm date on our Open House (Wine / Cheese Night?) as discussed in our meeting (I will keep you posted) Please let me...

posted on: Oct 8, 2018 | author: Lockyer Mercer

Meeting Oct 1

Good Evening Fellow Photogs !   Well, its been a swift 3 weeks that’s sailed by since our last meeting and I hope everyone had a chance to get out and capture some fall colors. I know that we’ve had some snowy weather and not great conditions for Fall Pictures but I’m sure some of us got out to shoot some frames. Here are a few reminders of the topics we covered in the last meeting that I thought I should share before we meet again tomorrow night at Century 21 (7pm as usual). Monthly Sharing Images (2 Images– Bring your memory stick early please) Creative Style Image ( Copy Photographer lighting, style, cinematography color style,etc…) RAW Image to swap...

posted on: Sep 30, 2018 | author: Lockyer Mercer

Epson printer inks

My Epson R3000 printer is now Scrap!  The print head is clogged beyond repair so it will soon visit the nearest dumpster. Before I dispose of it I will remove the ink cartridges so if you need any 157 Epson inks please let me know....

posted on: Apr 5, 2018 | author: Lockyer Mercer

April Club Meeting

This is just to let everyone know, the club meeting for April will be held on Monday the 2nd. Same bat time, same bat location. (7 pm, Century 21 building, doors open at 630 for those who may be new). Remember to come with some photos to share, and your edit of the raw file provided by Lori last month. If you didn’t get the raw file and you want it, let me know and I’ll get it to you. Also, if you know anyone who doesn’t regularly check the site, or get site emails, let them know so they don’t miss...

posted on: Mar 28, 2018 | author: Shawn Montreuil

Exposure Triangle PowerPoint

Hey Folks, If you missed yesterday’s meeting, Lock took some time deliver a presentation explaining the exposure triangle. We hope that it helped or will help some of the club members learn how each part of the triangle controls the amount of light coming into your camera when you’re making an image, and how changing the values for each setting alters what your photo will look like. As requested, we’ve made the presentation available for download. So if you missed the meeting and think this information can help you, or if you were at the meeting and just want to be able to go over it again at your own pace, click here to download it. Also, if...

posted on: Feb 6, 2018 | author: Shawn Montreuil

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