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Bios for Red Brick Gallery


Good Evening Everyone,

As you all know, our Red Brick Fall Gallery Exhibit is coming up very fast and it’s time for us (by us, I mean me) to get your Bios and Image Cards Printed.

Please send me your Bio information (if you want a new one printed or replaced) as well as your Image information for each piece that you are hanging on the wall.

Bios should include:

  • Your Photo
  • Short blurb about you and why you love Photography

Your Image Card info should include:

  • Image Title
  • Image Size
  • Format / Media (Canvas, Metal Print,etc)
  • Price (if for sale)

I will need your info by Saturday, Nov 3. if you want Bios / Image cards when we meet to hang our images on November 10.

Thanks for your help and we will see you all at the meeting on Monday night !




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