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Cadomin Photo Adventure

Greetings all.  Reminding everyone about our outing on Saturday to the fine foothills area around Cadomin.  We will be leaving (hitting the road that is) from the West End Tim Hortons at 7am sharp.  If you are going to join us, please reply to this post in the comment section so we know who to be waiting for on Saturday.  Bring sunscreen, bug juice, water, snacks and lunch – and maybe a memory card or two.  Hope to see everyone...

posted on: Jun 14, 2017 | author: Julian Buchwald

Old Homestead or Barn ??

Hey Photo family,   I’m looking for a venue closeby to shoot some “country-style” portraits tomorrow evening. I’d like to use an old barn or homestead and I was hoping that someone could let me know if they know of anyone willing to let me use their property for an hour or so. I hope someone can help me find a place. Thanks !!...

posted on: Jun 3, 2017 | author: Lockyer Mercer