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Ramblings and Reminders

Just enjoying a coffee at The Second Cup in Edmonton waiting for McBain Camera to open for their 66th Birthday Sale and Tradeshow thinking about all of the things I didn’t get finished this week!  Don’t get the wrong idea – I’m not that pathetic that I made the trip for McBain – had to be in the city for other things – but might just as well go and see what’s going on there.  Back to the Club… I made the decision to take down our Red Brick display on Monday rather than Sunday so we would have one more night of good exposure with the last Chautauqua Show.  I know that many of you work and...

posted on: Apr 25, 2015 | author: Julian Buchwald

Afternoon at the Museum

Well here we are another weekend is upon us.  And a busy one at that with the tradeshow and other events and such going on around town.  And the highlight to be sure is going to be the photo club outing to the Galloway Museum tomorrow afternoon.  With Mike’s efforts, we are booked from 1pm to 3pm to take some pictures at the museum.  I visited earlier this week to see what we could look forward to and I think it should be fun and productive photographically.  Shari and her staff will set up a few of their ‘artifacts’ for us to explore photographically.  I think it would be good for us to meet as a group just...

posted on: Apr 18, 2015 | author: Julian Buchwald

April At Galloway Museum

Just a note to let everyone know we will be @ the galloway Museum April 19 1:00pm. The staff would like to know what we would like for a theme??  We have the basement and upstairs. Bring your tripods flashes etc....

posted on: Apr 10, 2015 | author: Mike Dykstra

Nikon users

Hey there. I am a new Nikon user. In fact I have the entry level D3200. Now I know that is way below the level of some of your cameras, but they all work alike. Was wondering if another Nikon user may have a couple of  hours to spend with me and explaining how to use this. Point and shoot and guide are easy, but I want to get deeper into the camera. I am retired, so have lot’s of time, my weekends could be taken with my balloons, and stuff. We could just go out to the park or other scenic place with a cup of Timmies in hand, and walk me through. I would appreciate it. Thanks   Carlo...

posted on: Apr 9, 2015 | author: EPC Admin

Another Reminder

Hello fellow photo folks.  Just a quick reminder that our next meeting is tomorrow night (Monday, April 6th) at 7:30pm – Century 21 building.  Hope to see everyone...

posted on: Apr 5, 2015 | author: Julian Buchwald

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