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What/where does everyone use to make their prints?

posted on: Feb 24, 2015 | author: Shawn Montreuil

February Photography Outing

Just wanted to say a few thank you’s after last night’s EPC outing.  I’m not entirely sure but I think it was probably the best attended outing to date! Thank you’s to… Lockyer for the idea and work putting together and sharing information on night photography.  Also on-site for helping members and keeping things organized. Lock’s son Steven (?ph) for helping with the visual effects.  He put his life in peril to make some spectacular lighting effects for us to photograph.  Although I think he quite enjoyed playing with the pyrotechnics! Lori for the fantastic job of finding a venue that fit the bill perfectly.  I think this is a spot that might lend itself nicely to future...

February Photography Outing
posted on: Feb 22, 2015 | author: Julian Buchwald

Update on Tonight’s Winter Night Photo Outing...

A few last minute items regarding tonight’s EPC outing… Meeting at Holy Redeemer Gymnasium at 8pm.  Will be going over camera settings a gear so you don’t have to fumble around in the cold so much.  I have a couple of extra tripods if anyone needs to borrow one.  This is an absolute necessity for successful night photography!  Let me know if you need to borrow one. We need a couple of people to bring along some firewood.  There is a fire pit at the property and might be nice to have a little bit of a social and warm-up area. I will bring along some hot chocolate and anti-freeze for refreshment.  Some snacks might be an idea...

posted on: Feb 21, 2015 | author: Julian Buchwald

Winter Night Photoshoot

Well, it looks like our Winter Night Photo shoot will go ahead !! Lori has found us a Great looking location ! The barn is on a property close to the McLeod River a few minutes from town off the Bear Lake road.  She knows the people who rent/own there and has permission to be there for photography.  Looks like we could have a bonfire if we liked to make a social event too, although that may give us some unwanted light pollution if we want to shoot Aurora or light paint the barn. Let me know your thoughts BEFORE Saturday so that we can decide on taking firewood,food, beverages,etc. if a Bonfire is agreed upon. We should...

posted on: Feb 19, 2015 | author: Lockyer Mercer

Let’s Take Some Shots

From the twisted minds over at Cyanide & Happiness. I’m quite conflicted as I’m not sure if this inspires me to go out and take some photos or start drinkin’. Regardless, it’s going to be a great...

Let’s Take Some Shots
posted on: Feb 13, 2015 | author: EPC Admin

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