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2015-2016 Photo Contest




The 2015 – 2015 Photo Contest is Now Open!

After taking a little longer than anticipated, the photo contest galleries are now online and ready to accept your monthly submissions.

One of the problems with not touching the website throughout the summer was the backlog of maintenance required. In this particular case, a couple of critical auto-updates broke compatibility with the voting system. I’ve got to stop being optimistic with sentiments like ‘There’s lots of time left; this will just take an hour’!

But I digress. Everything is back online and waiting for your entries. Click to proceed to this year’s contest galleries:


Please keep in mind the following points when submitting images:

• Remember that you must be logged in before you can access the Member’s area.
• Ensure that your image is cropped to no bigger than 1200px on the longest edge. I’ve implement some additional error checking to help avoid last year’s issues, but it’s good habit to resize to smaller images whenever posting images online.
• Ensure that you’ve selected the correct category (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) BEFORE submitting your photo.

I also understand that there’s a new rule in place that reads along the following lines:

Photos submitted for the contests must be taken within the last few months.

I think the idea is to prevent photographers (*cough*me*cough*) going through their backlog of photos during the 11th hour to find something loosely applicable.

That being said, I think that there’s also a sentiment that as long as you can spin a creative and convincing tale of how your photo applies to the month’s theme, then you’re gold. It’s a good discipline to observe, but it’s also important to contribute and enjoy the process.


Finally, all of last year’s submissions have been collected into a single photo gallery:

2014 – 2015 Photo Contest Gallery

I must say: After compiling the previous contest entries into a single gallery, browsing through it I was quite impressed.  It’s a damned solid body of work to look through. Awesome job, everyone.

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