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Maddy of the Galloway station museum has extended the following invitation:


I would like to formally invite members of the photography club to participate in this year’s Taste of Edson festival which is on July 1st at the Museum.

The festival features artisans and chefs from the local area that showcase the ‘Taste’ Edson has.

I have attached our vendor information page if anyone is interested in joining.

Thanks so much!


The idea is that the club and/or individual members are welcome to purchase a booth to sell photographs. FWIW, the Canada Day Celebration has seen large attendance in past years. It’s a great family day event filled with various performers, including musicians, dancers, and more.

If there’s any interest, the best bet is to get hold of Maddy either at or 780-723-5696. Use the comments below or email Shuan or Julian if you’d like to participate.


Click to Download the Full Artist Vendor Info and Contract



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